High Precision and Accurate 3D Printing

Published 01/19/2015

By Pedro Vissotto | Solidscape 3D Printing Consultant

Solidscape 3D PrintersWho doesn’t want the latest and greatest technology? Who doesn’t want to stay ahead of their competition? Solidscape 3D printers can do just this by creating high-precision wax patterns to be cast in metal, to be used for mold making (RTV) or even to be pressed in ceramics for dental restorations. With the finest resolution of any 3D printer (6 microns/layer, 5000dpi in X and Y axis, 8000dpi in Z axis), ease-of-use, and 100% material castability, the Solidscape line of 3D printers continues to grow towards the largest install base in the consumer goods, jewelry, and medical industry worldwide.

Jewelry designers strive to be the best in the industry and the first to market. The ability to create your own custom design pieces in-house on your own time encourages creativity and design freedom, as well as ensures your design’s confidentiality. For this reason, many designers have adopted Solidscape 3D printing technology for the highest-resolution wax prints for direct investment casting into Platinum, Silver, Gold, and many precious metals.

Due to its stunning symmetry, amazing accuracy, and extreme detail many other industries benefit from the ability to reduce their time-to-market. Solidscape has benefited the automotive, education, and aerospace industry as well.Solidscape 3D printers can be used for dental restorations

So where else can this technology be applied?  Finding new parts for antique, exquisite cars is extremely difficult every year. Through reverse engineering, Solidscape allows engineers to build these parts in matter of days. Engineers have the freedom to modify and improve on previous designs. Parts will not only look original, but they may even look and perform better, depending on material being cast.

Installed in 65 different countries, learning institutions, universities and colleges of all sizes have adopted Solidscape’s technology. Today’s students will be tomorrow’s cutting-edge engineers, developers, and scientists. From research and development applications in medical curriculums to bio-sciences, Solidscape has been fully supportive and encouraging towards “out-of-the-box” teaching methods.

Aerospace industry does not get left behind either. The ability to have real complex designs, in different iterations, and different metal alloys allows Solidscape to be one of their main and essential tools.

Solidscape 3D printers can create custom jewelry

Solidscape 3D printing technology allows small, medium, and large-sized companies, businesses, and industries adopt a more competitive edge in today’s market. Thanks to its material castability and precision, this technology is changing the way parts are being made.  Be a part of it today.

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