Brewery uses 3D Printing to Save Marine Life

Published 06/03/2016

Brewery uses 3D Printing to Save Marine Life

Written by: Nick Provenzano

In Delray Beach, Florida, a brewery is making history by producing the first ever edible six pack rings. With 3.1 Billion gallons of beer brewed last year that went into cans, you can imagine how much plastic we used to create the 6 pack rings.

Saltwater Brewing and We Believers teamed up to create the world’s first plastic free six pack rings that marine life can safely consume rather than choke on or become poisoned or even strangled by the plastic. Nearly 1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine animals become trapped in this plastic or choke on it causing them to die.

Salt water brewing created a 100% biodegradable 6 pack holder that is composed of Wheat ribbons and barley. A 3D printer was used to create the first of these rings. The plan is to produce 400,000 of these per month to keep up with production at the Saltwater brewing company.

For the craft brewing world this can be implemented without affecting the cost too much. Let’s be part of the change.

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