9 Creepy (or Somewhat Odd) 3D Printing Stories

Published 10/27/2014

By Cyndy Moniz, Office Manager/Controller at R&D Technologies

It’s that time of year again in New England - when the sun sets early and the cold winds blow.  Diminutive witches, princesses and super heroes will soon shuffle through autumn leaves in search of sugary loot. Even the most serious 3D professionals among us have fond memories of Halloweens past and the delicious thrill of a ghost story. Read on to stimulate your imagination….

3D Halloween

Above photograph by Cyndy Moniz 

3D Skulls

1. Find out the intriguing ways 3D Technology helps identify remains - Multi-Color 3D Printers are being used by Central Identification Laboratory of the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) to identify skeletal remains. CT scans of a scull are used to create a 3D printed model to compare with photographs of those missing in action. 




3D Chocolate Brain

2. How about a tasty treat – chocolate brains?  Yum! Andy Millns enjoyed a piece of chocolate shaped like his own brain.  The confection was cast in a 3D mold created by the 3D Tech company, Inition, from an MRI of Andy’s brain.





3D Baby3. Perhaps you’d like a 3D model of your unborn child? A company called 3D Babies will print 3D likenesses of infants from ultra-sound images.  Not for everyone but certainly a novel idea.





3D Giant Creature Hollywood4. Fantastic, larger than life monsters can be created with Stratasys 3D Printing!  Meet Bodock - the 14-foot walking-talking giant creature who was recently featured on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.




3D Model Murder5. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police are trying to solve a homicide from 1996 using 3D technology. A fire was set after the murder which destroyed most of the evidence.  A 3D model of the building is being built with the help of blue prints and photographs. The police hope to uncover possibilities and details that were overlooked by recreating the scene of the crime.





3D ATM Skimmer6. The dark side of 3D Printing – although this technology is providing miraculous solutions for good in the world of medicine – criminal minds are at work with sinister projects…




3D Mask7. Concerned about privacy in this new world of surveillance? Chicago Artist, Leo Salvaggio created an Indiegogo campaign to fund a service called “URME Surveillance,” Using www.thatsmyface.com

Leo created a 3D printed prosthetic mask of himself to allow others to “wear” his face to avoid surveillance cameras. Although the concern for privacy is understandable - criminals may try to use this technology to evade the authorities…..interesting article…




3D Chandelier8. On the lighter side….3D Printing with Makerbot printers allows hobbyists to get creative with Halloween costumes and decorations…. Check out The Chandelier of Fear ….

Or these cool costumes using the Makerbot printers




9. Although this 3D Replica of King Tut’s mummy using Materialize’s additive manufacturing was created 4 years ago in 2010 – it is still a fascinating topic to contemplate!

Happy Halloween!

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