3D Printing the Magic of Star Wars

Published 02/01/2016

3D Printing the Magic of Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Famous Holochess Scene


While watching the most recent instalment of the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: Episode VII:The

Force Awakens, many fans were overjoyed at the inclusion of a brief, but nostalgic, scene on the

Millennium Falcon, in fact, many people in the theatre even clapped with giddiness when the scene

occurred. What I am referring to, of course, is the scene where an already in motion game of Dejarik

Holochess flickers on, a direct homage to Star Wars Episode III: A New Hope, where the game is

first introduced. Now, thanks to an interview with Phil Tippett of Tippett Studios, the man behind

the Holochess animation, we have more insight into how this magic movie moment was created

nearly 40 years ago and again in 2015, and what technologies (ahem 3D printing) were used in the

process. To read the whole story, click HERE



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