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Industries that aren’t touched enough by 3D printing—yet

Published 08/03/2015

You may hear about how 3D printing is saving lives in the medical industry, reducing weight and cost of airplanes, printing and prototyping cars, and assisting with research in outer space. There are a few industries that don’t make up even 10% of 3D printing users, but I see that changing over the next few years:

The First Ever FDA Approved 3D Printed Drug

Published 08/10/2015

The FDA has recently approved the first 3D printed drug to hit the market early 2016! The drug, Spritam, produced by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, is prescribed to those who suffer from epilepsy. The medication has been on the market for years but it will be a new version, produced by 3D printing. A big benefit of the new version drug is that it will now be easier to swallow by having a porous formulation. A second benefit is that is allows a higher drug load, up to 1,000 mg in a single dose. The development was based on capabilities that originally unfolded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, very close to us! The pill is created by 3D printing layers of the powdered drug, binding the layers together and then blowing away any excess powder.