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Stratasys helps with Space Station's Mobile Freezers

Published 06/01/2015

ULTEM 9085 is most known for being a high temperature and chemical resistant material but did you know that it can also be used for under freezing conditions? Stratasys had the recent opportunity to assist with engineers and scientist at The University of Alabama Birmingham Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering. They were in the works of developing freezer units capable of reaching temperatures as low as -160°C. Their most recent project, The Polar Unit, is one of their first designs incorporating 3D printed components. By using this technology, it helped save significant interior space of the freezer!

3D Printing a Custom Fishing Lure

Published 06/08/2015

Now that the winters’ snow has melted away, the water temperature in Narragansett Bay has finally hit the mid 60’s. For us Rhode Islander's that means it's time take to the seas because the striped bass are swimming in. Being an avid angler, I have experimented with a wide variety of store bought baits, lures and plugs through out the years. However there is always something deeply satisfying about pulling in your quarry on the lures you have crafted yourself. I have decided that this season I will be combining my passion for 3D printing and insatiable desire to set the hook by creating my own, one of a kind fishing lure.