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How Does 3D Printing Impact Our Daily Lives?

Published 11/26/2014

By: Kelly Rantuccio  Tweet //   Did you know that your life is effected by 3D Printing on a daily basis? Let’s go through...

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How Companies Stay Ahead of their Competition

Published 11/24/2014

3D printing is giving companies an edge over their competition. Justin Coutu gives his personal insight on how he thinks 3D printing is changing the way manufacturing is done today.

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A Tale Told from a 3D Printing Consultant’s Travels

Published 11/17/2014

Top 5 Most Interesting Things I’ve Seen as a 3D-Printing Consultant   Tweet // By: Gemma Downey As a young professional in her early twenties,...

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Stratasys Releases 12 New Machines!

Published 11/04/2014

Stratasys has officially released twelve new machines in their PolyJet and FDM lineup. Learn more here!

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3D Printed Steam Engines

Published 11/03/2014

For as long as I can remember, I have been attending the annual Yankee Steam-Up event held at The New England Wireless and Steam Museum in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. Here, you will find exhibits of working steam engines (several with flywheels larger than 10 feet in diameter) dating back to the mid 1800’s and early 1900’s. These engines were the driving force behind the industrial revolution and allowed factories to be built away from the banks of rivers since they were no longer dependent on water wheels to generate power. One of the major manufacturers of steam engines, the Corliss Steam Engine Company, founded by George H. Corliss, was located nearby in Providence, Rhode Island. The museum displays what is believed to be the only Corliss steam engine which still operates under steam power today.

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