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Fastest-Growing Technology Companies in RI

Published 11/18/2014

Providence Business News releases its latest list of fastest-growing technology companies in RI. R&D Technologies, led by Andy Coutu and Justin Coutu showed a 482% 3-year sales growth giving it the number one spot in Rhode Islands fastest-growing technology companies. R&D Technologies is the leading New England reseller of Stratasys 3D printers, including FDM, PolyJet, and...

What Can 3D Printing Do for Product Development?

Published 11/13/2014

Chris Richter, an applications and support engineer with R&D Technologies, talks about what's possible--and what's in the future--with 3D printing. Nov 13, 2014 | Machine Design No matter what engineers are designing, whether it is a spaceship or paper clip, they are all trying to make those products faster, better, and cheaper. Anyone who tries to accomplish...

Bringing the promise of 3-D printing to R.I.

Published 09/12/2014

FASTER AND CHEAPER: With the growing embrace of 3-D printing in the manufacturing and academic worlds, R&D Technologies is experiencing strong growth. Here Justin and Andrew Coutu, president and CEO of the company respectively, show off many objects produced with the technology. By Lori Stabile PBN Staff Writer Posted 9/15/14 These aren’t your average printers. They can create 3-D prototypes...