"Building the Future of Manufacturing"

Published 02/20/2014

Communities Get Involved

A recent example of state-level attention aimed at supporting next-generation manufacturing is in Rhode Island, where back in December, the Rhode Island Commerce Corp. partnered with Bryant University, Rhode Island Manufacturing Extension Services and the Rhode Island Manufacturers Association to host a conference entitled, “3-D Printing: Promoting a Maker Culture in RI.”

“3-D printing is the next trillion-dollar industry,” says Andrew Coutu, president, R&D Technologies, a 3-D manufacturer based at Quonset Business Park. “If Rhode Island manufacturing companies want to be around in five years, they have to lean into it. We need to find ways to promote apprenticeships and learning programs to develop talent — and keep talent from leaving this state. Soon, everyone will have a 3-D printer in their home — it’s time to ride the wave of this new revolution in the manufacturing process.”

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