Stratasys Experience Tour Taking place on June 8th!

Stratasys Experience Tour Taking place on June 8th!

May 2, 2023

Get Ahead in Industry 4.0 with R&D Technologies’ Stratasys Mobile Showroom Tour! 

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R&D Technologies is thrilled to announce the Stratasys Experience Tour, which will be coming to Quonset Business Park in RI on June 8, 2023. The Stratasys Mobile Showroom will be joining us for an event, providing an opportunity to witness 3D printing in action and learn about the benefits of additive manufacturing for your organization. In addition to the Stratasys Experience Tour, our Service Bureau Showroom will also be open to the public, with additional vendors available. 

Many of our customers at R&D Technologies have already experienced the positive impact of integrating 3D printing into their operations, resulting in reduced manufacturing costs and increased production speed. This is particularly valuable as the manufacturing industry is moving rapidly towards Industry 4.0, where the swift adoption of new technologies and efficiency in developing new products will be key to success. We invite you to witness how R&D Technologies can assist in creating a digital inventory of parts, saving time and space on the manufacturing floor, and reducing time to market by utilizing 3D printing technologies. 

A full range of Stratasys machines will be available for viewing in both the Stratasys Experience mobile showroom and R&D Technologies’ service bureau showroom. 

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