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Advanced Bone Material for J750 Digital Anatomy

The J750 Digital Anatomy Printer is amazingly powerful in the hands of medical professionals. The unique printing materials give this machine a spotlight of its own.

One of the newer material releases, Advanced Bone is another synthetic photopolymer that has surprisingly similar properties to that of the human body. Proven in various studies, medical models printed with this machine can closely replicate biomechanical properties of actual human bone.

bone material j750dap

Surgical professionals can utilize this technology for training at a fraction of the price. Printing models on-demand provides up to a 70% cost reduction as compared to traditional training materials. Learn more about the benefits of this revolutionary PolyJet machine in the brochure below.

Download the pdf. “Creating Better Solutions with the J750 Digital Anatomy”

In order to better prepare for complex surgeries, surgeons can use distinct materials for each specific part of the body. Although somewhat limited by the choice of materials, healthcare professionals can get a close feel as to the type of organ they may be performing a procedure on.

Check out the J750 Digital Anatomy here for more information.

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