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The 3D Printing Shop Problem

Do you currently manage 3D printing work orders with a combination of spreadsheets, whiteboards, thumb drives and sticky notes? Or worse, do you spend money building and maintaining custome solutions not meant for 3D Printing workflow?

GrabCAD Shop simplifies the 3D Printing Shop workflow for engineers, designers and shop operators. Reduce time wasted trying to keep track of 3D print requests. Get your prints when you need them.

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15% of a typical shop's week is wasted tracking down work order requirements and communicating status between engineers, designers and operators. GrabCAD Shop solves this.

Who Needs GrabCAD Shop:

Shop Operators, do you spend hours sorting through emails, organizing Excel documents or sifting through sticky notes? Then GrabCAD Shop is for you.

Engineers and Designers, do you run into problems communicating effectively with shop operators? Do things get lost in communication? Then GrabCAD Shop is for you.

Professors and Students, do you find it difficult to submit 3D printing submissions to your school’s shop operator? Do you find it difficult to collaborate with professors and colleagues? Then GrabCAD Shop is for you.

Existing GrabCAD Workbench users, do you love Workbench but wish there was an even simpler way to collaborate on projects and work orders? Then GrabAD Shop is for you.

Existing GrabCAD Print users, do you love GrabCAD Print but wish there was a better workflow BEFORE the print process? Then GrabCAD Shop is for you.


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