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Hear what customers and professionals are saying about the mask fitters:

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Dr. Roman M.

Dental Industry Professional 

"This was a very practical solution to our lack of properly sized KN95 masks. The mask fitters adapt the these masks, as well as Type 3 surgical masks to my face very well. The turn around time was reasonable. As a result, I have ordered more fitters for myself and for my staff."



Brandon K.

Dental Industry Professional 

"R&D was great to work with. They made my whole team “mask fitters” in a timely fashion and they fit great. Communication was great as well. I would highly recommend them to anyone."




Dr. Joanne H.

Doctor at Butler Family Dental 

"I love the mask fitter! It is easy to use, comfortable and well-fitted, and a great alternative to wearing N-95 masks every day, which are in short supply."


Dr. Andy H.

Doctor at Sunrise Dental 

"The 3D Mask Fitter is awesome. It feel tight and secure. I definitely feel more secure and safe with this 3D Mask Fitter and my surgical Mask. Thank you."



Sarah C.

Registered Nurse at South County Hospital

"I absolutely feel safer with the mask fitter over my cloth and surgical mask. The mask frame gives me a perfect fit and the comfort of knowing the airflow is contained within the contours of my personalized mask."



Dr. Colleen H.

Doctor at Fifth Avenue Dental 

"I received my mask fitter two days ago. The contours are great and it creates a lot fewer pressure points than our N95. It seems to provide a great seal, we have fit testing next week to find out. Also, the straps it came with were appreciated, but I think I will find some tighter elastic to improve the fit as well. Thank you."



Dr. John M.

Doctor at Sandy Point Dental 

"The Mask Fitter works perfectly. The seal brings a standard level 3 surgical mask up to a new level of protection. An additional side benefit is that the seal prevents my face shield from fogging up."





Bennet M.

Engineer at R&D Technologies 

"I have used the mask on one of my recent service visits. The custom fit around your face is shockingly accurate. The fitter feels good around my face and provides me with a better sense of protection. I would definitely recommend this product!"

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