Available Technology at R&D Technologies

Below are the three main technologies that we have available at our in-house 3D printing service bureau.

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Stratasys Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)PC-ISO

FDM technology offers high strength end-use or prototype models for every industry.  Our FDM rapid manufacturing center offers a range of 11 industrial-grade thermoplastics including but not limited to:

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Objet PolyJet Modeling


For precise high-resolution models in over 130 unique materials including but not limited to:

Multiple material printing is also available so that your model will be virtually indistinguishable from your finished production part.

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Ultra High-Resolution Wax Modeling for investment casting of custom jewelry, medical devices, and other applications which demand highly precise lost wax.

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Additional Services


Post-Processing and Finishing - If your models require additional processing, we have the resources to accommodate requests such as painting, plating, sanding, inserts or assembly- from the simple to the complex.

3D CAD Support and Assistance - Our engineering team is always available to help with whatever design challenge you are facing, through either consultation or with the development of your 3D model into a production-ready part.

Our Guarantee

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You will be 100% satisfied with your product.

Security of intellectual property and confidentiality is our highest priority.

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