Polaris MEP 3D Metal Watch Party

Published 08/19/2021

On August 17th, Polaris MEP hosted a watch party for some new advancements concerning the Desktop Metal printers. Polaris' Marketing Manager, Erin Read did an excellent job of putting together the event and hosting everyone. Some of the companies present were 401 Tech Bridge and Functional 3D. And the webinar was hosted by the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT). The webinar hosts, Steve Morse and Nasir Mannan put together a fantastic presentation, quick to answer any questions our group had.

R&D Technologies was happy to provide some of our manufacturing expertise for the room; in addition to networking with some vital local contacts in the New England area. We look forward to participating in some of the upcoming Polaris events this month!

For a list of more Polaris events, visit the link here.