nTopology and Stratasys Team Up

Published 12/08/2020

Stratasys, one of the leading companies in additive manufacturing technology, is hosting a live event with members from the nTopology team to bring you the latest software advancements in the additive industry. 

nTopology is a company dedicated to increasing the capabilities of designers and engineers through advanced modeling software. Often times, the design process can be challenging and produce obstacles in the form of design realization. nTopology aims to create a seamless transition from the idea in your head, to a fully optimized 3d model. Like their name suggests, the company's primary focus is on creating advanced geometric modeling software. nTopology comes from the phrase "any topology." 

In this live event, Stratasys and nTopology will dive into a few specifics of the geometric modeling technology and how it is impacting the additive manufacturing industry. Stratasys will also touch upon one of their patented FDM materials, Antero 800NA. Recently qualified by the National Institute of Aviation Research, Antero is now being used in commercial grade aircrafts. 

Event Date: Thursday December 17th, 2020

Event Time: 12-1pm  EST    

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